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The Best eCommerce Platforms for Small Businesses in 2022

The Best eCommerce Platforms for Small Businesses in 2022 By 2023, eCommerce is projected to encompass about 22% of all retail sales. This amounts to about $6.5 trillion! If you’re a small business looking to make a name for yourself in online shopping, selecting an eCommerce platform is a critical first step. Read on to learn about …

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7 Website Builder Tips to Maximize Results

What if one simple decision could transform your business for the better? In today’s digital age, it’s fair to say your website is everything. It will be where most users get their first impression of you, your products, and your company. But if your website is slow, out-of-date, or poorly designed, it will be a very …

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WordPress Gutenberg blocks

A strong foundation starts with the right building blocks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re building a house or building a website. You want to leverage whatever technology you can to make the job as simple as possible. That’s why smart web designers use WordPress Gutenberg blocks. Before Gutenberg blocks, web designers only had a limited …

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Core Web Vitals

Google Core Web Vitals: A Complete Guide Did you know that, according to the Michigan Economic Development Organization, Detroit is one of the most important cities when it comes to startup development in Michigan? 23% of startups that are venture-backed are currently operating out of Detroit. If you have a startup or business you run in Detroit …

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The Undeniable Advantages of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Are you tired of having an astronomical bounce rate on your company’s site? Do you want to revamp your site and make it more attractive to search engines? If so, then you need to start by investing in a mobile-friendly website. Doing so can unlock several different benefits for your company. It will help your …

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10 Telltale Signs You Need a New Website Design

10 Telltale Signs You Need A New Website Design Your business success could depend on the effectiveness of your website! Today a functional and user-friendly website is critical to help customers learn about your services. A quality site also helps position you as the go-to expert in your area of products or services.  When is …

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Why DIY Website Design May Not Work for You

Why DIY Website Design May Not Work for You With DIY website designing being easier than ever in 2021, many people neglect the need for a professional web designer. For early business ventures, blogs, or personal pages, this might not be a terrible choice, but is it the best one?  DIY website design isn’t for …

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What to Look for in a Professional Web Designer

Professional Web Designer In today’s world, so much business is generated from Google searches and the web presence of your brand will most likely be the first thing your customers will interact with. Because of this, having a smartly designed website is nothing short of imperative. Whether you’re in the start-up phase of your company, or you’ve got an …

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